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What's the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

Marketing and sales have a symbiotic relationship that is often not touched upon in professional publications. However, the bottom line in any business is that the marketing department is run by the revenue that the business brings in. You cannot bring in any revenue without sales. Below is a short description of how marketing and sales should interact with each other in a successful business.

Marketing Should Make Sales EasierAlthough the sales team is responsible for the bottom line of the business, the marketing department should make selling a product an easy task for the sales team to accomplish. When it comes to sales, marketing is the discipline of creating a reputation that people trust so that the sale is the salesman's to lose. The better a marketing department is, the more likely that customers will have already heard of the brand before they are called by a salesman. There is a big difference between being called by a brand that you do not know and a brand that you are comfortable with. 

Sales Should Finish The Job Of The Marketing Department

The marketing department can get the word out about a product all day. However, people like to know that a company is trying to earn its business. When the salesman makes calls and gets in touch with customers, they are responsible for keeping the brand of the company that they are working for.

The salesman is the living embodiment of the words that the marketing department puts on the page. If a salesman does not live up to the expectation that a marketing department sets, then the sale will likely go downhill. However, if a salesman is in line with the expectations that the marketing department sets, a customer will feel much more comfortable with the brand overall.

If you are running a company, it is essential that your marketing and your sales department work in tandem with each other. Make sure that each division has the other's best interests at heart so that the business can run with efficiency. This is the way to ensure that your company creates the most benefit from its marketing and sales team.

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