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Personalized Gift, Loyalty, Referral & Rewards Program For Your Business

The referral and rewards program is an efficient solution to bring new clients, and tracking ads. It is an affordable marketing tool for a business of any size. Just download the app, subscribe, and pay your fees through the App store. Satisfaction guarantee! Try it, and there will be no other marketing tools that you will be willing to use anymore.

Experience the ultimate versatile marketing tool! Referral and Rewards app can be and do anything to help reach your business goals.

The combination of the referral, loyalty, rewards, punch card, and VIP membership program works for every business industry that wants to expand their revenues and reduce costs in branding and advertising.

The referral and rewards program is the best way to decrease customer acquisition costs while keeping the existing customers happy and loyal. People like free things, that is why the majority of your customers will be willing to share their referral code with their friends, family, and colleagues. We created a seamless marketing tool to help your business grow, maintaining customer engagement. With the referral and rewards app, your venture into the world of referral will be easy and highly fruitful.

Your Personalized Brand Design

If you need a custom designed app our team will create the icon and name according to your business brand including a Free Logo creation. This will allow you to capitalize on your brand exclusivity to ensure your customers come to your place of business to redeem their points.

Proven Marketing Strategies

Our marketing consultants will suggest the ultimate marketing strategies designed to help new and existing customers to do more business with you. We do not charge for our consultation and are happy to be of value to you long-term. Take advantage of our Suggested Proven Methods of Use which summarize the most valuable in marketing strategies around the world.

Recent FAQ

Certainly! Referral and Rewards Program not only replaces the discount card but makes it more complete. Our app contains bonuses customers can earn to spend on products and services the company offers. Moreover, this application also provides the ability to send notifications about your discounts, create and spread referral links in order to retain and attract customers, and make them happy with new points to spend on goods!

Absolutely! Referral and Rewards Program has the best ad tracking system. You can make advertising online or on paper, it doesn’t matter; as soon as you include your phone number as a referral code, our program will collect data you can then analyze to see which advertising method is best for you.

We created Referral and Rewards Program with the purpose of making you and your clients happier. With this program, running your business is much easier! Your customers have all the information about your business, they can follow the discount days to plan their visit, and are able to use their referral links to earn bonuses. Also, they don’t need to have many cards in order to receive points and goods; you just carry your phone and have everything in it.

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