WaveToGet Frequently Asked Questions


Certainly! Referral and Rewards Program not only replaces the discount card but makes it more complete. Our app contains bonuses customers can earn to spend on products and services the company offers. Moreover, this application also provides the ability to send notifications about your discounts, create and spread referral links in order to retain and attract customers, and make them happy with new points to spend on goods!

Referral and Rewards Program helps you and your clients connect effortlessly. Having this app makes it easier for customers to plan visits to your store; it contains all the information about your business, working hours, its location, special days, and offers. Also, with this app, your clients don’t need to keep many cards and papers - all the earned bonuses are collected automatically in the program. Besides, the opportunity to earn bonuses by redeeming offer codes, or inviting friends using referrals, creates an exciting feeling of getting rewards in customers. When your customers will have to choose between several stores, they’re more likely would visit your store to earn rewards and feel happiness.

Referral and Rewards program is a universal tool that fits any business of any size. If you want to grow your business up and make your clients happy, this program is your solution. It can help you achieve these goals and automate many processes of interacting with customers. For example, differently from other apps that accept only phone numbers to search the customer in the system, our application allows you to simply scan the QR code on the client’s home screen. 

Yes, you can! On your home page, you can find the “edit offer codes” button. Here you can create a name of your new code and write the number of bonuses the customer will get. You can use these codes on special dates, or even use them in your advertisements to attract new customers. The code can be redeemed only once for each client.

Absolutely! Referral and Rewards Program has the best ad tracking system. You can make advertising online or on paper, it doesn’t matter; as soon as you include your phone number as a referral code, our program will collect data you can then analyze to see which advertising method is best for you.

For sure! On the bottom of your home screen, you can find the “rewards” button. In this section, you can make stamps as the client makes a purchase. Moreover, the rewards system allows you to automate and simplify the ‘punching’ process; you’re able to monitor the activity, the customer won’t ever forget the punch card at home, or even lose it, and as soon as the client will collect enough punches, the award is eligible to get.

We created Referral and Rewards Program with the purpose of making you and your clients happier. With this program, running your business is much easier! Your customers have all the information about your business, they can follow the discount days to plan their visit, and are able to use their referral links to earn bonuses. Also, they don’t need to have many cards in order to receive points and goods; you just carry your phone and have everything in it.

There are many reasons why the referral system is actually helpful, both for customers and business owners. For the clients, the opportunity to earn bonuses helps them to manage their abilities. By inviting friends, they earn rewards, which makes them happier. For business owners, a referral system helps to retain returning customers, to strengthen the relationship, and attract new clients. Also, Referral and Rewards Program has the best tracking system for the effectiveness of using referrals and other advertisements.