New Customers

Attract New Clients, Maximize on Events, Raise Business Revenue

Let's help your clients spread the joy of your business by letting them share your referral codes with those who already know, like, and trust them.

Here is what you do:

Simply add any amount you are comfortable with on your Referral and Rewards account. Remember, the amount you add is the incentive you are willing to give a new customer to try out your place of business.

The best part is that people love receiving rewards! They especially love rewards that come from their friends and relatives. These people simply needed a little incentive to come and see you... and now they have it!

Some business owners reward their top referring customers by giving them an exclusive VIP card loaded with special privileges based on their business needs. You may learn more about the VIP Campaigns by clicking on our Suggested Proven Methods for VIP Card Program

Campaign Benefits:

  1. Proven referral system for new clients
  2. Mass cost reductions for new client acquisition
  3. Loyalty creation in your referring customers with the VIP Card Campaign and/or the Loyalty Campaign

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Based on our market research for this campaign, our members suggest three methods proven to yield the highest results.

Method 1:
Gift Raffle

You may choose to raffle perk codes of any dollar amount in exchange for the clients’ contact information.

For example, you can raffle a perk code of $100.00 to be used in your place of business in return for their Name, Phone #, and E-mail Address. This is particularly useful in building a database of new potential clients for other marketing means.

Some businesses go as far as doing a celebration ceremony for the raffle winners.

Method 2:
Give Aways

When potential clients visit your booth, your mission becomes to immediately capture their interest and leave a memorable impression. What better way to do this than by giving your potential client a certain denomination?

For example, you may give your interested clients a perk code of $20.00 to be used for any products and services your business has to offer.

Giving the interested clients your perk codes is like giving them your exclusive, professionally branded business Pre-Paid Credit Card. It is as good as cash! The only exception is that the money is virtual until it is redeemed at your place of business.

Method 3:
Instant Buys

Some businesses use this method as an incentive to create an immediate sale. You simply give a perk code of a certain dollar amount as an incentive for purchases over a certain dollar amount.

For example, you may give a $20.00 perk code to any customer who spends over $100.00 at your booth. This perk can be used by the customer toward their next purchase. This allows the business to generate immediate revenue to cover the operating costs of the show and give an added incentive to the new customer to come back to your business again!

This method has proven to be a massive instant revenue generator which is helpful even for a novice sales agent staffing your business booth at the Show.

Method 4:
Fundraising Gift Card Sales

You may choose to sell your smart Gift Cards at the show at a discounted price. Simply decide on the dollar amount you want to sell your card for and the discount amount you are willing to give. Remember your discount amount is the incentive you are willing to give your new customer to try your product or service.

For example, you may sell $100.00 Gift Card for $75.00 (25% OFF) OR a $50.00 Gift Card for $25.00 (50% OFF).

The best part is that you can set ANY amount you want. The user-friendly software gives you the ultimate flexibility. You can then provide the applicable discounts to go along with it and you are in business!

This method is proven to be one of the most powerful ways of covering the venue costs and raising instant revenue for your business.

Campaign Benefits:

  1. Building a professional customer database.
  2. Generating immediate sales at your event.
  3. Leaving a memorable impression.
  4. Fundraising immediate revenue for your business.
  5. Covering the venue’s operating costs.

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reach out people

In a nutshell, the campaign allows you to collaborate with your local businesses to enhance their revenue at no marketing cost while bringing your business New Clients.

As an example, you may team up with your local grocery store:

You can then collaborate on a special promotion that will provide your exclusive perk codes to their clients with purchases over a certain dollar amount. For example, you may give their clients a $20.00 perk to your place of business for any purchases over $100.00.

You and your collaborating partner can decide the specifics and the amounts that best satisfy you. The combination of opportunities is endless! The high-yielding benefits of these collaborations are the reason why our business owners love using this campaign.

To learn more about the Partnership Association Campaign, you may call our qualified business consultants today.

Campaign Benefits:

  1. New Client acquisition for your business
  2. Increased sales for your partnering business with NO additional marketing costs
  3. Added value to each potential client who spends over a specific dollar amount.

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With a referral system, you can get loyal customers with a desire to promote your business. How does it work? Every time a new client uses the referral number of the loyal client, they both get bonuses! These bonuses can be spent on getting discounts or buying a service or product, covering its full price.

You can explain to your loyal customers how does a referral system work. Their phone number is the referral code they can use to invite new clients and get bonuses. It’s a win-win situation - your business gets new clients while they are getting bonuses. Why would they choose another place if they have bonuses to purchase your services or products for sale?

Campaign Benefits:

  1. Fundraising immediate revenue at your place of business or your online store.
  2. New Client acquisition
  3. Loyal customers obtaining and sustaining
  4. Excellent Holidays and Special Promotions Tool
  5. Powerful Inventory Blow-Out tool

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We all have the "I have to think about it" customers in our business. Provided that you had isolated all of the customer's objections and they are just not the type of person to make an impulsive decision, your goal is to give them something to "think" about.

You can use the perk codes function to load their account with a specific amount. This amount is the incentive that you would give your customer to buy the product or service with you. For example $250.00 towards a car or $25.00 towards and laptop. You are completely in control.

When a person gets your professionally branded, beautiful amount of perk code the only thing they can "think about" is how to use the value towards their purchase. This will be absolutely the focus of their attention. The results will astonish you.

Here is the best part. There is no risk! If the person cannot use the perk code, it won’t lead to any damage to your business. It is a win-win-win!

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