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What is Referral and Rewards?

The referral and rewards program is an efficient solution to bring new clients and track your ads. It is an affordable and universal marketing tool for a business of any size. Just download the app, subscribe, and pay your fees through the App store. Satisfaction guarantee! Try it, and there will be no other marketing tools that you would be willing to use anymore.

The app has everything you need to promote your business:

  • 1. Referral Program,
  • 2. Rewards Program,
  • 3. Points System,
  • 4. Memberships and VIP,
  • 5. Perks System,
  • 6. Loyalty Program,
  • 7. Punch Card,
  • and many other functions.

Our app is a universal, affordable, and fully customizable solution, what can be better?!

Why Us?

The referral and rewards app is the best way to decrease customer acquisition costs while keeping the existing customers happy and loyal. People like free things, that is why the majority of your customers will be willing to share their referral code with their friends, family, and colleagues, to get good bonuses. We created a seamless marketing tool to help your business grow, maintain customer engagement, and keep your loyal clients happy. With the referral and rewards app, your venture into the world of referral will be easy and highly fruitful.


Your branding impacts your customers' perception. A recognizable and beloved brand is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. With our application, we ensure that the system you choose will be best suited for your business and brand. Your program will be customized in a way that best reflects your brand's ideology and purpose. A complex loyalty and rewards program is the best option you can go with.

build products that get more customers into your business.

What results to expect?

A properly designed referral and rewards program can help:

  • Get new customers, lowering customer acquisition costs. Attract regular customers to promote your brand;
  • Track advertisement campaigns, define the best amount of bonus, ad style, etc.
  • Retain customers who bring the greatest profit, to increase the average receipt and the frequency of purchases from those who buy less, to reduce the cost of casual customers;
  • Establish constant communication with customers, you can thank them for large purchases or find out the reasons for a decrease in activity;
  • Collect a high-quality database of addresses and phone numbers, so you could send them holiday greetings to remind them of your business;
  • Get valuable information about your customer ’s behavior;
  • Increase brand credibility and awareness;
  • Create a consumer segment where you can test new products or offers;
  • Monitor changes in consumer behavior and effectively influence it (provided that the quality level of the product and service corresponds to the degree of attractiveness of the program);
  • Save on attracting new customers;
  • Optimize marketing expenses through personal offers;
  • Motivate not only customers but also the staff.

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