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The Art of Rewarding with a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs have become quite desirable in most industries across the globe, with 77% of consumers using points or a unique discount program while shopping for their favorite retail establishment. These technologically advanced models have become a strategic investment for business owners to ensure customer retention and acquisition through fantastic rewards, clubs, points, discounts, and coupon-saving programs. Research has shown emotional loyalty is imperative for the customer experience life cycle.

The Internet provides an inexpensive advertising forum and a perfect social engagement tool to promote your loyalty program online in conjunction with your website. You can sign on new members and discount online purchasing as a complement to your brick-and-mortar business. Referral and Rewards is a trending personalized business gift, loyalty, and rewards software solution that can be fully customized to your small or large enterprise to increase revenue, reduce marketing costs, and sustain your customer base for the future. Here are a few of the best features of the Referral and Rewards program.

Marketing And Sales
Referral and Rewards provides industry-specific, worldwide marketing and sales strategies, and a free gift when you complete their online form. This consultation is free and you will find experts that are continually available for your start-up in the future to help track your data, suggest improvements, and ensure your success. The company boasts proven results with WooCommerce, Opencart, Android and IOS smartphones, and Windows and macOS PCs.

Points and Rewards
You determine with your consultant the point value for each dollar spent. Then customers will accumulate these points and can cash in as gift cards, rewards, free services, and goods, or your choice of discount percentage. The state of the art software makes viewing your information as easy as logging in, tapping, or typing your loyalty card number and all your data is accessible on one screen. View your rewards account balance, points accumulated, rewards, VIP account, or whatever you select in your customized plan.

Social Media
Everyone has gone social and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are almost required assets with your website and loyalty programs. Blogs are a great place to advertise your rewards programs, and social media engagement by customers is part of a loyal customer base. Less intimidating and formal than the website, they can focus on what people want in your products, and read and give their own opinions with reviews on the purchased items.

Return Customers
The Referral and Rewards' modern marketing and sales tactics form a master plan to retain loyal clients. Customers are aware of their points and rewards cards, and studies show they are more likely to stay a frequent purchasers and spend more with the upcoming discounts for satisfaction.

It's time you introduce the Referral and Rewards program into your business to start attracting new customers and keeping them as loyal ones. It is an exciting time for retailers with the internet advertising options available to them, and eager customers shopping online in the millions. Take advantage of this opportune time by integrating your rewards program with your existing marketing efforts online, and you'll be amazed at the results and smiling customer faces for years to come. Contact us today to find out how to implement the Referral and Rewards program into your business.

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