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Attract and Retain Loyal Customers - Proven Methods of Use

As a growing business, you obviously want to attract as many customers as possible; and probably just as important -- if not more so -- you need to retain these same folks as loyal, repeat customers. But how to accomplish this? What is the secret to retaining customers and keeping them loyal to your offerings? Offer a quality product or service at a competitive price, add in great customer service, and throw in some added value in a form of gifts or loyalty points. There you have the recipe for business success! However, there are some steps you can take to show your appreciation to your customers that will differentiate you from the rest of the pack. Read on for some tips on how to solidify your customer loyalty -- keep them coming back, over and over!

Launch a Loyalty Campaign

As a business owner, you are no doubt familiar with the popularity of loyalty campaigns. But chew on this statistic for a second: over 97% of all the consumers in North America have some form of points card or points app! There's a simple explanation -- these loyalty programs work. It's also ridiculously easy for you, as the business, to set up: Assign a value for every dollar your customers spend with you, and then decide how much each loyalty point is worth.

The Gift Card/Loyalty Campaign One-Two Combo

This method of rewarding your customers (and fostering customer loyalty!) combines a gift card with a loyalty campaign. The beauty of this approach is that you can convert a new customer (using a gift card) into a repeat customer (by allowing the gift card to be converted into a loyalty card). Don't let a potential customer walk away after redeeming their gift card -- take advantage of the opportunity, and create a loyal, repeat customer!

A Rewards Program

This super-simple (and very popular) concept allows a customer a free (insert your product/service name here) on their 6th visit/purchase (up to your discretion, of course). Again, setting up a rewards program is child's play: Decide which of your offerings you want to promote, and then choose what special to create for these products/services.

The best part of all these factors is that you can combine them into an all-inclusive smart card! That's where we can help you. You provide us with the details of your business and services, decide which kind of rewards/loyalty program you'd like to offer your customers, and we develop a custom smart-card program for you. Your business gets the benefits of our proven marketing strategies, along with a tailor-made, custom branded business "smart" card that will distinguish your business and differentiate you from the competition -- and most importantly, propel your customer loyalty/retention rates to new levels, and keep them there.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today, and start creating a long-lasting, loyal customer base!

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