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Experience the Magic of Custom Software Configurations

Automation is a modern technology miracle that is responsible for countless hours of saved time, revenue, and increased production results. A properly optimized automated campaign is the modern key to success as proven by Fortune 1000 companies.

What's the magic behind custom software configurations? The trick is to custom-tailor the campaign to the specific clients' needs and let the system do the rest. The software does the work behind the scenes. Why is it important to custom-tailor to each client or at least a client group? Because no two clients are the same. Customizing the campaign helps to meet each client's unique needs.

Statistically, only 20% of your customers bring you 80% of your total revenue gains. Why should they be treated the same as the 80% of customers who only bring you 20% of your revenue gain? Targeting these customers with optimized campaigns improves your results and allows you to deepen these important customer relationships.

Referral and Rewards Program provides you with the software flexibility and adequate tech and marketing support to help put the right campaign in place for the right customer group. We then help you automate the process and allow you to sit back and reap the rewards.

Our many campaigns and programs can help you deliver the results you need. We offer:

- Gift Card Programs
- Promotional Campaigns
- Loyalty Programs
- VIP Programs
- Rewards Programs

Many more software configurations are available at your fingertips based on your selected package. Learn more about which Marketing Package is right for your business by visiting our website or calling our marketing consultants. We look forward to helping you take advantage of the many benefits of automation.

The marketing role is to dress up the brand, make it appealing, build trust, create a neurological connection, and more. Marketing makes your efforts visible to customers. The sales role is to create physical transactions between the company and the customer. Sales focus on "closing the deal" and getting your goods to your customer.

What if there was a marketing tool that covers both the marketing and the selling aspect for you? This is exactly what you get with Referral and Rewards Program! We combine marketing and sales into a powerful tool to grow your business. From the marketing standpoint, Referral and Rewards Smart Cards are the perfect branding tools. They capture your business brand with the right design (even a brand new logo), and they are strategically positioned in the hands of your current and potential customers.

Learn more about how Referral and Rewards Program brings together sales and marketing in ways that turn your current customers into your best salespeople. Experience our no-risk, results-in-advance philosophy today by calling or submitting your custom request here. 

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