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Re-Activate your email list in Gmail with Referral & Rewards

When done properly, building an email list is a costly endeavor. But what happens if the people who have signed up to receive your emails don't open them? Here's where a win-back email campaign comes in handy. You will find detailed instructions on factors contributing to similar campaigns' success.

Problems that May Arise When Running an Email Marketing Campaign
Most email campaigns run against these typical issues:
• Poor Failed Attempts to Deliver Rate
• Unacceptably Low Opening Ratio
• Click-Through Rate That's Disappointingly Low
• Significantly High Rate of Subscription
• Complaints about an abundance of SPAM (often in conjunction with #4)
• A Dismal Activation Rate
• Low Levels of Engagement After Clicking

Tips on How to Reactivate a Mailing List on Gmail

Identify and Segment Inactive Email Recipients
We must pick who to address our heartfelt love letter to before we can start composing it. What constitutes "inactivity" in your email program and industry is highly context-dependent. Machine learning-based systems like Seventh Sense make audience segmentation much easier and faster than doing it by hand.

Send Personalized Emails
To send out your first personalized email newsletter to your audience, you must first build your email list using targeted lead magnets and engaging landing pages. When sending an email to a potential customer, it's important to make it feel as personal as possible by using their first name or a product they've purchased from you before.

Make Your Emails Relevant
Email marketing campaigns that combine static and dynamic content can produce more engaging and effective individualized messages for each recipient. One example of dynamic content that delivers the most appropriate tailored marketing message is weather-based emails.

Exclusive Offers
Retaining pleased and loyal current customers while reducing the price of acquiring new ones is best accomplished through the Referral and Rewards App. As your company expands, we designed a streamlined marketing tool to keep your customers interested. The Referral and Rewards app allows users to generate Perk Codes. In which buyers can get discounts on future purchases, The Referral and Rewards App makes entering the referral market simple and rewarding.

Please know that your opinion is important to us. One of the quickest ways to hone our efforts, adjust our direction, and succeed is by receiving feedback.

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